We anticipate that the following are the road closures that will take place during the running of the NCB Capitol Hill Classic 10K, 3K, and fun run. (You can take a look at the course maps page to see the overall route the three races will take.)

The 10K run will involve the following roads:

  • C St NE from 5th St NE to 4th St NE
  • Maryland Ave from 4th St NE to 2nd St NE/Constitution
  • Constitution from 2nd St NE to 1st St NE
  • 1st St NE from Constitution to Independence
  • Independence from 1st St SE to 3rd St SE
  • 3rd St SE from Independence to East Capitol
  • East Capitol from 3rd St SE to 22nd St NE, going around the SOUTH side of Lincoln Park
  • 22nd St NE from East Capitol to the entrance to RFK parking lots 6 & 7

The 3K will involve the following roads:

  • 4th St NE from C St NE to East Capitol
  • East Capitol from 3rd St NE to 12th St NE, going around the SOUTH side of Lincoln Park
  • 3rd St NE from East Capitol to Maryland
  • Maryland from 3rd St NE to C St NE/5th St NE

The fun run is just a loop around Stanton Park.

The 10K starts at 8:30 am, so MPD typically will start shutting down the roads involved in the course and any immediate feeder roads at 8AM. From then until 8:30, we understand that they typically allow crossing of the course; there will be officers at the intersections, and they’ll guide vehicles across but not let them turn onto the course. Then when the first wave of runners comes through, they’ll close the crossings unless there’s a large enough gap in runners to safely allow vehicles to cross, and they’ll keep it closed until the sweep vehicle comes through at the end of the runners.

For some benchmark locations on the course, that means that the western end of the course (nearest to the Capitol) will open up relatively quickly (around 8:45-9:00 am). East Capitol might begin opening back up from the eastern end starting at around 9:30-9:45 am, and then the course to Lincoln Park will progressively open up as the runners make their way back west. Because of the 3K, the portion of the course from Lincoln Park back to Stanton Park will remain closed until approximately 11:00 am, when the 3K concludes. The roadway around Stanton Park itself will remain closed until the conclusion of the fun run (approximately 11:30 am).

Of note, the loop around RFK from south to north (from Independence to C St NE) will remain open during the race, so if you have to get from south of the course to north of the course, you can go eastbound on Independence Avenue and then bear left around RFK to loop back to C St NE.